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    Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • Access workout programmes
    • Access 700+ on-demand workouts from 10 - 60 mins
    • Access monthly accountability call as a member
    • Access my app to track workouts, habits, goals and more
    • Workout ANYWHERE with me!
    • Minimal equipment needed for workouts
    • Stretch classes inside your membership
    • Access ALL previous and upcoming challenges and programmes
    • Availability to upgrade to 1-1 support and coaching
    • Nutritional coaching and support also available
  • 1-1 COACHING

    Every month
    Only available to members
    Valid for 2 months
    • You will be in a direct debit for 2 months
    • Initial call to define goals, and some clear milestones
    • Weekly check in to establish goals, progress and motivation
    • Access to the app to track all progress, goals and habits
    • Action planning each week to give you clarity for goals
    • Optional workout programming (outside of member programs)
    • Nutritional coaching and support from a qualified L4 coach
    • Ongoing support on WhatsApp Mon-Fri 9-5pm

    4 Week Progressive Guide For The Gym - Perfect for Beginners
    • Up to 4x Workouts per week
    • Video demos for every exercise
    • Progressive program designed to get results
    • Intro videos from Hayley at the beginning of each week
    • Full support
    • Includes everything you need to start in the gym
    • You'll need access to dumbbells and a barbell
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