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health & fitness membership,

to see progress, reignite your confidence, and finally enjoy working out.

You don't have to do miserable workouts for hours on end that you don't enjoy to get results.

Have me as your very own Personal Trainer in your Pocket at a fraction of the price of a PT. I've done the work, cleverly and effectively designed the programmes, and put everything you need in one place. I'm here to help wing-woman you through sessions, motivate you when you need it, and to show you how fitness and working out doesn't have to be something you hate doing. 

how it works
  • Sign up and get your first 7 days FREE

  • Choose your programme and get started straight away

  • Book your accountability call with me and get set up on the app to track your progress, tick off your goals and complete your habits

  • Nutritional guidance and advice from a Level 4 Exercise and Performance Nutrition Coach

  • Access over 700+ on-demand workouts between 10 - 60 minutes

  • NEW programmes added throughout the year

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workouts for everybody!

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what's inside
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Programmes from 4 - 12 weeks, for all fitness levels, designed to get you seeing progress and feeling confident in no time.

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what's inside
There are over 700 workouts on-demand for you to jump into whenever, including an under 10 min section for something short & sweet!

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what's inside
Optional monthly call with me to set goals, habits and to put a POA in place. You get access to my app to track all workouts, habits and goals.
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what's inside
It's important you don't neglect stretching and mobility, and that's why you can find a whole range of videos inside the membership.
Notes - Please use the same weights as you did last week. - For every exercise, you are go
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 upgrades available 
Once you join the membership, you will have upgrade options available for 1-1 coaching on a monthly basis.

This is a perfect option for anyone who needs closer support, programming or accountability.

You must be a member to be able to access online personal training and nutrition coaching or 1-1 support.
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Get Your FREE
4-Week Dumbbell Guide!

  • X3 FULL Body Dumbbell Workouts, each week, for x4 weeks

  • Pick up a pair of dumbbells with confidence

  • No longer feel awkward or out of place in the weights section at the gym

  • Have proper understanding on how to perform the workouts with guided videos

  • Get a good session in that leaves you feeling POWERFUL!

  • Don’t just jump from machine to machine, not really knowing what you’re doing

  • Full breakdown of the workouts, including video tutorials and explanations

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Get Your FREE
Bodyweight BURNER Guide

  • Use this guide to pick 'n' mix different bodyweight exercises to create a workout you'll actually enjoy.

  • Pick an exercise from each section, totalling 5 exercises.

  • Set a timer for 40 seconds ON, and 20 seconds REST.

    OR, stick to 12-16 reps per exercise. It's up to you!

  • Repeat your set as many times as you like! Aim for 20 - 30 minutes total.

  • Change up the routine for a brand new workout next time!

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Best Value




Every month

Only available to members

Valid for 2 months

You will be in a direct debit for 2 months

Initial call to define goals, and some clear milestones

Weekly check in to establish goals, progress and motivation

Access to the app to track all progress, goals and habits

Action planning each week to give you clarity for goals

Optional workout programming (outside of member programs)

Nutritional coaching and support from a qualified L4 coach

Ongoing support on WhatsApp Mon-Fri 9-5pm

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